This site will help you manage your NetID and NetID password, which are necessary for you to access many of Cornell's online services.

Activate your NetID - Start here if you have a new NetID or activation code.

Unlock a locked NetID account - Start here if you received a message that your NetID account has been locked due to possible compromise. You will be able to verify your identity by answering questions in the NetID Activation page. (If your account isn't locked, you'll see the normal activation page.)

Change your Password - Start here if you know your password and want to change it.

Forgot your Password - Start here if you forgot your password and want to reset it using your Recovery Email Address or by answering your Security Questions.

Set your Recovery Email Address - Start here if you know your NetID and password and want to set your Recovery Email Address so you can reset your password should you ever forget it.

Two-Step Login - Start here to create or manage your Two-Step Login account. Enrollment in this security feature is required to access key online services used by students, staff, and faculty. If you're new to this service, learn about activating it at Get Started with Two-Step Login.

WhoIAm - Users with an active NetID can use this service to configure electronic directory listings, request optional email aliases, get information about email forwarding, and activate the password manager service.